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*this garment is made to order, please allow about a week for shipping after purchase, depending on the waitlist.

Wool Felt Half-zip Pullover


· Handmade with artisanal wool felt

· Organic cotton lining

· Hand-stitched details

· Cotton sewing thread

· Vintage talon zipper

· Compostable & plastic-free


We make this garment in our studio using 100% wool felt for the outer shell and 100% organic cotton for the lining, making it fully compostable.


The wool felt is handmade by an artisan couple in the Spanish region of Navarra, following traditional methods that use only wool, water and natural soap.


Its natural grey/brown colour comes from a blend of two native sheep breeds called "Navarra" and "Latxa", selected from local shepherds.


This wool felt is breathable and a perfect thermo regulator, keeping you warm in winter and fresh in warmer days. Ideal for year-round use with a jumper underneath or as a single layer.


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