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About Us

Lichen Goods is a couple-run studio based in rural northwest spain, focusing on handcafted, slowly made and naturally dyed compostable garments.


This project was born from our love for nature and as a desire to offer a sustainable alternative to mass consumerism, rejecting the idea behind seasonal trends and over-designed clothes.


By living in nature we embrace a humble lifestyle, growing our own food, harvesting indigo, and foraging plants from the forest to dye our pieces. Our commitment to artisanal practices is reflected in our small batches and limited runs, carefully sourcing the finest natural fibres and materials from local small-scale suppliers, minimising our impact and supporting our local community.


Using only natural fibres and plants gives our garments beneficial properties, avoiding plastics and toxic substances that are harmful for your skin and for the environment.


It is important to know more about the clothes we buy, where they are made, the fibres that are used to produce them, and what chemical processes they go through.


The planet urgently needs a solution to the environmental crisis that we are facing. We can easily contribute to this by:


· Repairing our clothes when needed

· Updating our wardrobe with vintage pieces

· Buying long lasting items only when it's necessary

· Supporting small and independent businesses

Changing our consumption habits by doing these small things can make a big difference to the future of our planet.


If you want to send us a message or ask about reparations and custom orders please email us at



San Francisco, Ca (USA)


Seoul (South Korea)


Lausanne, Vaud (Switzerland)


Follow Us @lichengoods

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