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Natural Wool Socks


· Handmade on an antique knitting machine

· 100% british wool

· Worsted spun 4 ply yarn

· Recycled cotton paper sleeve

· Unbleached & undyed colour

· Compostable & plastic-free


We make these socks one by one in our studio using a 100 years old manual knitting machine that doesn't need any electricity to work, just our hands. It takes around 4 hours to complete a pair, that's why the stock is very limited.


This wool is from a singular British sheep breed called "Bluefaced Leicester" which is sourced from small farms across the UK, and worsted spun into a 4 ply yarn in Yorkshire.


We never use any elastic or synthetic fibres in our socks, just 100% wool, so the elasticity comes from the yarn itself and the knitted rib construction.


The paper sleeve is handmade with recycled cotton, and every pair comes in an organic cotton bag for easy storage, making these socks fully compostable.


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