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*this garment is made to order, please allow about a week for shipping after purchase, depending on the waitlist.

Indigo Hemp Easy Trousers


· Handmade in our studio

· 100% european raw hemp

· Unbleached & undyed plain weave

· Natural rubber elastic waistband

· No side seams pattern design

· Hand-stitched details on pockets

· Hand dyed with organic indigo

· Compostable & plastic free


We make these trousers in our studio using a plain weave hemp fabric (220g/m2 - 6.7oz/yd2) that was grown, spun and woven in Europe.


Hemp doesn't need chemicals or pesticides to grow, uses less water than other fibres and cleans the soil. This unbleached and undyed raw fabric is woven on old machines, which gives it a rustic texture.

Sewn on a vintage machine with unbleached cotton thread, this garment is fully compostable. The elastic waistband is made of natural rubber and you can find hand stitched details on the pockets.


To build up the right tone of blue we dye this trousers several times in our homegrown organic indigo vat. Natural indigo has antibacterial properties and is gentle when worn against the skin.


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